Follow the trail of history at the “Chateau du Tertre” and…
…live like "God in France:

• Yourself can walk in the castle’s park of 10 Km2, further 27 Km2 invite you to extensive walks within the woods of the castle territory.

• The near countryside, not far from the marvellous Channel coast of the Calvados province of Normandy with the cities of
Le Havre, Caen, Rouen and the splendid Beach Resorts of Beauville and Deauville on the coastal side and Versailles and Paris on the inland side will fulfil all the desires of “Master” and “Mistress”.

• you live in a stylish French Castle like once upon a time William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, King of England, who originated from Falaise Calvados.

All at a First Introduction price, exclusively from private to private, to you exclusively:

1 Week, Bed & Breakfast starting with as low as Euro 245

1 Week, Chateau-Holiday-House with 2000m2 seperate territory Euro 700

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ore phone / fax +33 231 201354

or by e-mail:

Impressions: The castle / The rooms / The castle's park